Back to School - Visual Diary

 Today we are looking at ways to personalize your visual diary, this is a fun

and creative exercise that the children can enjoy too. 




Technique One:

Step 1: Start with your X-Press It Visual Diary


Step 2: Collect lots of magazine pages with the colour palette of your choice.


Step 3: Make your own stickers by removing one side of the X-Press It Adhesive Sheet backing and adding paper.


Step 4: Cut into circles, triangles or something similar.


Step 5: Peel off the other backing and layer on book cover.

Miss 13 enjoyed covering her own art journal.


Technique Two:

I decided to do something a little different, using X-Press It Visual Diary. 


Step 1: Cover the whole front cover with an X-Press It Adhesive Sheet, Peel off the backing sheet and cover with Your Magic Touch Gold Leaf.


Step 2: Find a picture in an old children's book


Step 3: Cut around the picture and add to an X-Press It Adhesive Sheet.


Step 4: Remove the backing sheet to the X-Press It Adhesive Sheet and adhesive it to the X-Press It Visual Diary cover. 


Step 5: Add colour to the picture by painting it with some paint.

What a wonderful way to personalise your book covers.

The kids will enjoy decorating them too!

Poster By Sharmaine

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