Bullet Journal 101


What is Bullet Journaling?

A list making technique that is completely customisable to your needs. It can be your to-do list, notebook, sketchbook and diary all in one.

Below we have listed some simple points to help you get started on your journey. There are SO many different ways you can display items in your journal, our tip is to try a couple of different layouts when you start and see what works the best for you. 

Creating a Bullet Journal should be simple and relaxing so remember to have fun with it!

Happy Bullet Journaling!




A table of contents that you update as you go – This should be located at the front of your journal.




Consider what you may want to make a key for eg: tasks, events, notes. Create a symbol to use throughout your journal – keep this consistent.




Use two facing pages to create a traditional monthly calendar. List the dates of the month next to the first letter of what day it will occur. Below the dated calendar or on the next page create a list of tasks that need to be done that month eg: tasks, goals, notes.




Use two facing pages to create a daily calendar of the week needed. Add the month and a simple monthly calendar highlighting what week you are in at the top of the left page. Separate the rest of the page space in to each day of the week. Here you will jot down notes, tasks reminders etc. Here you will use the keys you created earlier as a guide so that you have more space to write.


Other Ideas



Use a blank page and give it the topic of your choice. Underneath create a list relevant to the topic (example below).

Collection Title- Personal Goals

List- About Me, Bucket List, Gratitude List

Collection Title- Hobbies

List- Books to read, Movies to watch, Television Shows to see.


Future Log

Log events that are coming in the future- look at one month at a time and record lists as it occurs to help keep you focused on what is coming up.



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