Decorate your pen holders!

What you will need:

Step 1: Cut out the adhesive image you wish to use. Make sure the surface where you apply the image is clean, flat, smooth and dry. Remove the clear liner from the adhesive image. Place the image onto your selected surface holding the image firmly in place.  

Step 2: Using the enclosed rubbing stick or a thick piece of cardboard, firmly rub the adhesive image onto the surface (kind of like a scratchy). 

Step 3: Once all areas have been rubbed firmly, remove the clear plastic and your adhesive image will have transferred onto your selected surface. 

Step 4: Select your foil colour and place the foil over the adhesive image with the glossy side face up. Remove the foil slowly. The foil will have now been applied to your adhesive transfer.

Shine Bright Like a DIAMOND!

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