DIY Valentine's Day Gift


Hello to all the love birds out there! Today's blog post is inspired by Valentine's day which is only a week away! For those who love glitter this blog post is for you. 




Step 1: Create little X and O stencils by simply printing off letters and cutting them out. I created mine on Illustrator at point 169. If you aren't old school like me and have a dye cutter you can use that to create your stencils. 


Step 2: Trace around your stencil onto the X-Press It Adhesive sheet. I used 5 X's and 4 O's. Feel free to create your own design with the letters. 


Step 3: Gather another A4 X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive sheet. Peel off one side of the sheet, this side will be covered in glitter. I'm using X-Press It Micro Fine Glitter Onyx for my background.  

I used the shaker side on my lid, this allowed me to have control over how much glitter I wanted to come out. Once the glitter is on your paper, rub the glitter gently whilst pressing down at the same time to ensure it is stuck onto the sticky side. You will notice how little you will need to cover areas. Shake off residue when covered. 


Step 4: Turn the adhesive sheet over, peel off a small section at the top. Line up the adhesive sheet with the Mat board and slowly start to peel it down. This will help eliminated any air bubbles from appearing. 


Step 5: Peel one of the paper sides off your letters to revel one of the sticky sides. I used X-Press It Micro Glitter Gold for my letter. Gently rub the glitter onto your letters, then shake residue off. 


Step 6: Now for the final step, placing the letters onto your glitter board. Simply peel the paper off the other side and stick down. To help me ensure my rows were straight I used a piece of paper as a guide. 


Here is the final outcome in a frame! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 


Posted by Alecia Polizzi

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