Pepin Still Life

Pepin Postcard Colouring Books are a great take on the colouring book trend that has surfaced lately, the great thing about this post cards is that they are printed on 250gsm watercolour paper, and the image is printed in a light grey, so these are all ready for a quick splash of colour to result in a little masterpiece. Today I have used a sunflower image from the Floral Still Life collection.

Floral Still Life contains intricate drawings based on some of the most famous still life paintings. The 20 colouring cards are made of the finest 250 gsm acid-free water colour paper, a joy to colour with a wide range of techniques, such as colour pencil, crayon, pastel, ink, water colour, etc. PEPIN® Postcard Colouring Books match the quality of the finest professional watercolour pads. In order to get the best results, we recommend you use high-quality colouring materials. I have used Bruynzeel Design Aquarel Pencils.



Step 1: Remove the post card from the pack and begin by adding two shades of colour to the petals. Note that you are not colouring in the whole petal, just adding colour to the primary areas of each of the top petals.


Step 2: Take a fine watercolour brush loaded with clean water and run down each petal, extending the colours into one another and towards the tip of each petal. There is enough colour in the initial pencil application to carry the colour to the surrounding petals.


Step 3: Continue with sections of the image, like where I have used two shades of green to bring base colour to the large leaves in this design.


Step 4: Add dimension to the image by bringing in brown shading, and additional applications of the colours used across the image.


Step 5: Use an X-Press It Glue Marker to add glitter highlights to areas of the image, in this case I have bought focus to the center of the image with gold glitter.


These cards are 10.5x15cm so are perfect to take up the entire face of a card, or you could frame them, or use portions in a card design. Very versatile medium to add colour to, and carries water like all great water colour papers. You could even simply write on the back of these post cards and send them in the mail!

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