Sparkly Canvas Art

Day after day, Mum's do so much for their families - this X-Press It Glitter canvas project is the perfect way to say THANK YOU!



Step 1:

Cut a Double Sided Adhesive sheet , big enough to cover the front and sides of your canvas. Peel one side of the backing off and position on the canvas, wrapping the edges. Cut the corners of the sheet to keep the canvas smooth. Peel of the second side of backing and set aside.


Step 2:

To make a stencil mask - use your Adhesive Sheet offcut from the previous step. Peel off one side of backing and position the Adhesive Sheet on the back of your pre printed word (make sure you have printed your word in reverse!) Cut out your word, then carefully peel of the backing. Position the cut out backing onto your canvas and smooth out(as pictured) - discard the printout with adhesive. 


Step 3:

Pour your first colour of X-Press It Micro Glitter onto your canvas, and spread it out to cover all of the exposed adhesive, including the sides of the canvas. Gently rub off any excess glitter, then peel off your mask. Repeat the same step with an alternate colour of glitter, gently rubbing it into the exposed adhesive.


Step 4:

To seal in any loose glitter and add a slightly glossy finish, coat your canvas with X-Press It Clear Gel Glue. A soft, damp brush makes the glue easy to spread. Allow to dry and add an additional coat if desired.


Say thanks to your Mum and enter our competition to win you both an X-Press It prize pack valued at over $100!

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