TripleTac Christmas Baubles


For this week's project I am toning down the bling on a set of Christmas Baubles. I inherited these rather gaudy heart decorations from a shop display last year and the silver is a little too bright and cheap looking for my Christmas style which airs on the side of country, so I chic-ed up the bling by first toning down the bauble with text paper.


  • X-Press It TripleTac
    • Water based
    • Acid free & non-toxic
    • Dries clear
    • Fast drying
    • Matt finish
    • Excellent hold
    • Use on paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, metal, leather and some plastics.

Step 1:

Take strips of text paper and apply them in a random fashion to the bauble. Apply TripleTac Glue straight to the glittered baubled, and then brush over the top of each paper strip as you go. On the first layer criss-cross the papers with space in between.


Step 2:

Continue adding strips of paper in random directions until you achieve full coverage of the bauble. Press the paper to the bauble with your fingertips to ensure a snug fit.


Step 3:

Allow the paper covered baubles to air dry for 60 seconds or so and then sprinkle sparingly with X-Press It Micro Fine Glitter, there is still enough tac in the X-Press It TripleTac at this stage to hold the glitter and also move it around a little. Set aside to dry completely.


Step 4:

Cover black card on both sides with X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheets and cut out scrolled leaf die cut.  Pull back the release paper and cover the now sticky die cut with the same X-Press It Micro Fine Glitter.


Step 5:

Add the silver leaves and black twine bows to the heart baubles with X-Press It Clear Gel Glue to finish (you could also use TripleTac at this stage).


The baubles are still shiny but a lot less brash, and a lot classier in my view... use X-Press It TripleTac to dress up the baubles that don't quite meet your style this Christmas!

Posted by Edna

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