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Today I thought it would be fun to identify different items that work well with X-Press It Clear Gel Glue to build texture across a series of flower centres. This method can be applied to any project that you are looking to add texture to. The strong bind that is offered by X-Press It Clear Gel Glue make it perfect for textural elements made from items you already have in your creative space.

X-Press It Clear Gel Glue

  • Water-based thick gel glue
  • Acid free and non-toxic
  • Dries clear and glossy
  • Fast drying
  • Non-stringy no mess
  • Extra fine applicator
  • Strong grip


Application 1: Beads

A generous amount of X-Press It Clear Gel Glue will hold a pile of beads together really nicely and this is a great way to get height and interest for a flower centre. You could even use odd coloured or shaped beads and make them look consistent by first painting the beads, then pile them up with the X-Press It Clear Gel Glue.



Application 2: Paper Snips

This method is for those of you who like to keep every scrap, or at least use as many scraps as possible. Make confetti out of your scraps and pile them up to add texture to the centre of flowers.


Application 3: Fabric

X-Press It Clear Gel Glue is also great with fabric, it will hold it together with a nice amount of strength, both direct to paper/card or to each piece of fabric you use. Knot the fabric or scroll it for another method of adding texture to a flower centre.


Application 4: Thread

Using up scrunched-up thread, or twine, is a great way to get the most out of all of your little off-cuts and X-Press It Clear Gel Glue holds just about everything together well, you could even mix different types of threads together.


Application 5: Paper Scrolls

Think of using your different paper crafting skills to add texture to your projects, here I have used a scrolled (or quilled) paper strip as the flower centre. This could look clean and simple or artsy depending on how "clean" you keep the paper or card as you are scrolling it together.


Another great thing about the X-Press It Clear Gel Glue is that it is self-settling which means it can be painted or piled on a surface and it will self-settle, get rid of any brush lines on its own, and in the case of these flowers sit nicely around and between each layer of texture without being a feature of the finished textural element because it also dries matt and clear.

Why not make a series of flowers and use them across a number of paper-crafting projects!

X-Press It Clear Gel Glue is a confirmed all rounder and a must for any serious paper-crafter!

Posted By Edna

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