X-Press It Deco Tape Canvas

Today we are looking at creating a decorative canvas using X-Press it deco tape. With School Holidays just around the corner this is a great craft project you can enjoy with the kids. 





Step 1: Paint the canvas with black paint, allow for this to dry completely.



Step 2: Cut out a design of your choose, I have decided to use a Pineapple, cut out using thick paper or card.


Step 3: Cover your design using X-Press It Glitter Deco Tape. I have covered the bottom of my Pineapple using Gold X-Press It Glitter Deco Tape.


Step 4: I have choosen to use X-Press It Green Glitter Deco tape for the stalk of my Pineapple. Once completely covered in X-Press It Glitter Deco Tape carfully cut the overlay edges of the Deco Tape off around your cut out design.


Step 5: Adhere to your design to the canvas


Step 6: Seal the design and canvas with X-Press It TripleTac Glue

Posted By Sharmaine

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