X-Press It Double Sided Tape: Tiny Envelopes

Well today is a little bit of fun, and a gentle reminder that all things are possible with the wonders of X-Press It Double Sided Tape, if you had nothing else left in your adhesive stash this little product will be able to solve all of your sticky situations!
I punched a few little envelopes from FabScraps Papers for today's mini project, it is great to use double sided papers for this as you get a pattern on the inside of the envelope as well:
All you need to secure the envelope is a run of 6mm Double Sided Tape on the lower edge of the two front flaps:
They secure nicely, firm and confident that they are going to stay:
Some little envelopes need some fun little messages, these little notes will be fun to send to a few little ladies in the post:
They fit nicely in the mini envelope and the tape holds the paper securely when the notecards are inserted:
When you have used fancy paper to make envelopes you want a simple but special seal for the back closure, today I have used simple white tissue paper with a strip of 12mm Double Sided Tape, simple press the tape onto the tissue paper and run your knife along the long edges to separate the tape from the sheet of tissue paper:
I like to rip my Double Sided Tape, and for the faux washi this is a great look:
It is not that I have run out of X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheets, I always keep a good stash, but I thought I would show how quick you can build a little square of adhesive to cut out a die cut with a few passes of Double Sided Tape:
It cuts like butter and leaves little if any residue when pushed through a die cutting machine:
So the little tag lets me know which envelope is for which little lady, and there is no risk of the label falling off now that it is secured with Double Sided Tape:
This little group of messages is now ready for delivery, with thanks to X-Press It Double Sided Tape:
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