X-Press It Masking Tape

X-Press It Masking Tape is ideal for masking painted area, perfect to build patterned masks on painted projects.

  • Suits a wide range of surfaces
  • Easy to tear and apply by hand
  • Perfect for straight edges
  • Flexible for creating curved lines

Step 1: Start to Build Background

Take an X-Press It Canvas and start to randomly apply paints in camouflage pattern, both to the front and sides of the Canvas.

Step 2:  Finish Background

Take two additional colours to the background pattern, and finish with flecks of black paint, more concentrated in one area of the canvas to provide different texture to the finished look.  Make sure the paint is completely dry before heading to the next step.

Step 3:  Apply Masking Tape

X-Press It Masking Tape comes in convenient 6mm size, the small width is perfect for papercrafters, in this case I have used Masking Tape in both 6mm and then doubled up to make 12mm strips.

Apply the tape in a faux herringbone pattern, consciously missing sections to bring irregularity to the pattern. 

Step 4:  Cover Exposed Areas

Make sure the Masking Tape has been pressed well to the canvas.

Paint the exposed areas of the canvas with neutral toned paint.

Step 5:  Reveal Your Design

Gently peel back the strips of Masking Tape to expose the background in the pattern shaped by using the Tape.

X-Press It Masking Tape is extra sticky, but made so that it releases from the project without disturbing the surface, or what is painted on it.  It is super pliable too which was great for this project given I took the design to the sides of the painting.

Posted by Edna

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