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Sparkly Canvas Art

Day after day, Mum's do so much for their families - this X-Press It Glitter canvas project is the perfect way to say THANK YOU!



Step 1:

Cut a Double Sided Adhesive sheet , big enough to cover the front and sides of your canvas. Peel one side of the backing off and position on the canvas, wrapping the edges. Cut the corners of the sheet to keep the canvas smooth. Peel of the second side of backing and set aside.


Step 2:

To make a stencil mask - use your Adhesive Sheet offcut from the previous step. Peel off one side of backing and position the Adhesive Sheet on the back of your pre printed word (make sure you have printed your word in reverse!) Cut out your word, then carefully peel of the backing. Position the cut out backing onto your canvas and smooth out(as pictured) - discard the printout with adhesive. 


Step 3:

Pour your first colour of X-Press It Micro Glitter onto your canvas, and spread it out to cover all of the exposed adhesive, including the sides of the canvas. Gently rub off any excess glitter, then peel off your mask. Repeat the same step with an alternate colour of glitter, gently rubbing it into the exposed adhesive.


Step 4:

To seal in any loose glitter and add a slightly glossy finish, coat your canvas with X-Press It Clear Gel Glue. A soft, damp brush makes the glue easy to spread. Allow to dry and add an additional coat if desired.


Say thanks to your Mum and enter our competition to win you both an X-Press It prize pack valued at over $100!

Gel Press Journal Page

Create a fun journal page using the Gel Plate to build up layers of patterns & colours. The possibilities are endless, no two projects are ever the same. 


Gel Press (we used a 5x7 but you can use any size you like)
• X-Press A5 It Mixed Media Journal
• Soft Rubber Brayer
Acrylic Paint (We used Jo Sonja’s)
• Textures and found objects (we used corrugated card, a FabScraps stencil, bubble wrap & a paint brush)
• Scrap Paper

First Layer - Background










Apply a small amount of paint to your Gel Press. Using your brayer, spread it out to a thin, even layer. Lay a piece of corrugated card, face down on the plate and gently press. To create a cross hatch, reposition the card in the opposite direction then set your card aside for another project.

Press your journal page face down, onto your Gel Press. Gently rub the back of your page, then peel it off to reveal your pattern. Allow your page to dry enough so that it is no longer tacky. 

Second Layer - Bubble Wrap

Apply a contrasting colour of paint to your Gel Press and spread with your brayer. Lay a piece of bubble wrap face down and gently press, then remove and set aside.

Press an area of your journal page onto your Gel Press, rub and peel of to reveal. Use a piece of your scrap paper to remove the excess paint from your Gel Press. See tips below!

Third Layer - Stencil

Apply another contrasting colour of paint to your Gel Press and spread with your brayer. Position your stencil on top of your Gel Press, then lay your journal page down and press firmly. Peel the page of to reveal. Use a piece of your scrap paper to remove the excess paint from your Gel Press. 

Fourth Layer - Dots

Using the end of a paint brush, add small dots of paint to your Gel Press. Lightly press your journal page onto the Gel Press. Reposition the opposite corner of your page to repeat the same pattern. The second corner may be lighter, but gives a great effect.

Finishing Touches

Using your paintbrush add fine lines and dots to lift the colours and make them pop! 



• Use a piece of scrap paper to remove any excess areas of paint from each layer of your Gel Press. The odd bits of leftover paint can create really interesting works of art!

• Experiment with different textures to create interesting layers. Try paper towel, a comb, mesh, rubber bands... Be creative.

• Keep baby wipes on for a quick and easy clean up. Check out our previous Gel Press blog post for more tips and clean up tricks.

Copic Poppy Canvas

Today I am using Copic Various Inks to colour an unusual material and create a unique and vibrant Copic coloured poppy canvas.  What's the unusual material? Soft drink cans.




Step 1: Using X-Press It Triple Tac Glue adhere the FabScraps papers onto the canvas, you may like to overlap the papers or add torn elements as was done here. Wait for the adhesive to dry and then lightly brush Chromacryl Gesso over the papers, use a baby wipe to rub back any areas that become too heavily covered or hard to see.


Step 2: Next use some heavy duty scissors to pierce the soft drink cans (any brand will work for this) and carefully cut off the top and bottom - don't bother trying to flatten the metal, it will curl right back up! Don't worry, once you cut random flower shapes from the metal the curling won't be an issue.  


Step 3: Depending on the size of your canvas you may need to cut out more or larger flower shapes. Lay the flowers on your canvas to confirm you have an appropriate number/size.


Step 4: Use something with a rounded end and something with a sharp end, flip the flowers over and create impressions in the metal to hint at petals and flower centres. Don't worry about being too precise, part of the charm is the rustic look.


Step 5: Next colour the flowers, you will need a selection of Copic Various Inks (BV04, V06, RV19 & YG07) and some Colorless Blender. Drip the inks onto the flowers and then add a drop of blender to the center of each flower. You can also spray a little blender to create patterns.


Step 6: Add colour and blender until you have colours and patterns you like. Try to make sure each flower is just a little different, so that your finished canvas has some interesting things to look at.


Step 7: Add some X-Press It Clear Gel Glue to the flower centres and cover with black glitter, you can add a few small beads for extra texture.


Step 8: To complete your project use a FabScraps stencil to add some extra pattern to the canvas, colour a small piece of card to act as a vase and use green cord as stems. Attach the flowers using X-Press It Foam High Tack Tape and you have a unique finished canvas.

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Copic Marker Australia for allowing me to be a part of the family for the last few years, I have had a wonderful time working with the amazing team from X-Press Graph-X and the other Design Team members. I have learned a lot and have been challenged to do things I may not have tackled without a little push. This will be my last post for Copic Marker Australia, I hope to see you all in the future and wish the Copic Marker Australia team and the lovely readers all the best.

Kate Palmer

X-Press It Deco Tape Canvas

Today we are looking at creating a decorative canvas using X-Press it deco tape. With School Holidays just around the corner this is a great craft project you can enjoy with the kids. 





Step 1: Paint the canvas with black paint, allow for this to dry completely.



Step 2: Cut out a design of your choose, I have decided to use a Pineapple, cut out using thick paper or card.


Step 3: Cover your design using X-Press It Glitter Deco Tape. I have covered the bottom of my Pineapple using Gold X-Press It Glitter Deco Tape.


Step 4: I have choosen to use X-Press It Green Glitter Deco tape for the stalk of my Pineapple. Once completely covered in X-Press It Glitter Deco Tape carfully cut the overlay edges of the Deco Tape off around your cut out design.


Step 5: Adhere to your design to the canvas


Step 6: Seal the design and canvas with X-Press It TripleTac Glue

Posted By Sharmaine

Pepin Still Life

Pepin Postcard Colouring Books are a great take on the colouring book trend that has surfaced lately, the great thing about this post cards is that they are printed on 250gsm watercolour paper, and the image is printed in a light grey, so these are all ready for a quick splash of colour to result in a little masterpiece. Today I have used a sunflower image from the Floral Still Life collection.

Floral Still Life contains intricate drawings based on some of the most famous still life paintings. The 20 colouring cards are made of the finest 250 gsm acid-free water colour paper, a joy to colour with a wide range of techniques, such as colour pencil, crayon, pastel, ink, water colour, etc. PEPIN® Postcard Colouring Books match the quality of the finest professional watercolour pads. In order to get the best results, we recommend you use high-quality colouring materials. I have used Bruynzeel Design Aquarel Pencils.



Step 1: Remove the post card from the pack and begin by adding two shades of colour to the petals. Note that you are not colouring in the whole petal, just adding colour to the primary areas of each of the top petals.


Step 2: Take a fine watercolour brush loaded with clean water and run down each petal, extending the colours into one another and towards the tip of each petal. There is enough colour in the initial pencil application to carry the colour to the surrounding petals.


Step 3: Continue with sections of the image, like where I have used two shades of green to bring base colour to the large leaves in this design.


Step 4: Add dimension to the image by bringing in brown shading, and additional applications of the colours used across the image.


Step 5: Use an X-Press It Glue Marker to add glitter highlights to areas of the image, in this case I have bought focus to the center of the image with gold glitter.


These cards are 10.5x15cm so are perfect to take up the entire face of a card, or you could frame them, or use portions in a card design. Very versatile medium to add colour to, and carries water like all great water colour papers. You could even simply write on the back of these post cards and send them in the mail!

Posted By Edna

Hoppy Easter Eggs


With Easter just around the corner, today we are looking at stringed Easter Eggs. This is a fun craft project that the kids can enjoy too and is a great gift idea when filled with Chocolate or  Lollies. Lets Hop to it. 





Step 1: Place Lollies/chocolates inside balloon, inflate and tie up the balloon.

Dip the string in X-Press It Triple Tac


Step 2: Wrap the string around the balloon until it is covered.


Step 3: Allow the string to dry then pop the balloon and remove the deflated balloon with tweezers.


Step 4: You can also try some paper mache instead of string.

Once the paper mache is dry pop the balloon, fill the paper mache with Chocolate or Lollies and cover the hole with some paper.

Posted by Sharmaine

X-Press It Clear Gel Glue



Today I thought it would be fun to identify different items that work well with X-Press It Clear Gel Glue to build texture across a series of flower centres. This method can be applied to any project that you are looking to add texture to. The strong bind that is offered by X-Press It Clear Gel Glue make it perfect for textural elements made from items you already have in your creative space.

X-Press It Clear Gel Glue

  • Water-based thick gel glue
  • Acid free and non-toxic
  • Dries clear and glossy
  • Fast drying
  • Non-stringy no mess
  • Extra fine applicator
  • Strong grip


Application 1: Beads

A generous amount of X-Press It Clear Gel Glue will hold a pile of beads together really nicely and this is a great way to get height and interest for a flower centre. You could even use odd coloured or shaped beads and make them look consistent by first painting the beads, then pile them up with the X-Press It Clear Gel Glue.



Application 2: Paper Snips

This method is for those of you who like to keep every scrap, or at least use as many scraps as possible. Make confetti out of your scraps and pile them up to add texture to the centre of flowers.


Application 3: Fabric

X-Press It Clear Gel Glue is also great with fabric, it will hold it together with a nice amount of strength, both direct to paper/card or to each piece of fabric you use. Knot the fabric or scroll it for another method of adding texture to a flower centre.


Application 4: Thread

Using up scrunched-up thread, or twine, is a great way to get the most out of all of your little off-cuts and X-Press It Clear Gel Glue holds just about everything together well, you could even mix different types of threads together.


Application 5: Paper Scrolls

Think of using your different paper crafting skills to add texture to your projects, here I have used a scrolled (or quilled) paper strip as the flower centre. This could look clean and simple or artsy depending on how "clean" you keep the paper or card as you are scrolling it together.


Another great thing about the X-Press It Clear Gel Glue is that it is self-settling which means it can be painted or piled on a surface and it will self-settle, get rid of any brush lines on its own, and in the case of these flowers sit nicely around and between each layer of texture without being a feature of the finished textural element because it also dries matt and clear.

Why not make a series of flowers and use them across a number of paper-crafting projects!

X-Press It Clear Gel Glue is a confirmed all rounder and a must for any serious paper-crafter!

Posted By Edna

DIY Valentine's Day Gift


Hello to all the love birds out there! Today's blog post is inspired by Valentine's day which is only a week away! For those who love glitter this blog post is for you. 




Step 1: Create little X and O stencils by simply printing off letters and cutting them out. I created mine on Illustrator at point 169. If you aren't old school like me and have a dye cutter you can use that to create your stencils. 


Step 2: Trace around your stencil onto the X-Press It Adhesive sheet. I used 5 X's and 4 O's. Feel free to create your own design with the letters. 


Step 3: Gather another A4 X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive sheet. Peel off one side of the sheet, this side will be covered in glitter. I'm using X-Press It Micro Fine Glitter Onyx for my background.  

I used the shaker side on my lid, this allowed me to have control over how much glitter I wanted to come out. Once the glitter is on your paper, rub the glitter gently whilst pressing down at the same time to ensure it is stuck onto the sticky side. You will notice how little you will need to cover areas. Shake off residue when covered. 


Step 4: Turn the adhesive sheet over, peel off a small section at the top. Line up the adhesive sheet with the Mat board and slowly start to peel it down. This will help eliminated any air bubbles from appearing. 


Step 5: Peel one of the paper sides off your letters to revel one of the sticky sides. I used X-Press It Micro Glitter Gold for my letter. Gently rub the glitter onto your letters, then shake residue off. 


Step 6: Now for the final step, placing the letters onto your glitter board. Simply peel the paper off the other side and stick down. To help me ensure my rows were straight I used a piece of paper as a guide. 


Here is the final outcome in a frame! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 


Posted by Alecia Polizzi

Back to School - Visual Diary

 Today we are looking at ways to personalize your visual diary, this is a fun

and creative exercise that the children can enjoy too. 




Technique One:

Step 1: Start with your X-Press It Visual Diary


Step 2: Collect lots of magazine pages with the colour palette of your choice.


Step 3: Make your own stickers by removing one side of the X-Press It Adhesive Sheet backing and adding paper.


Step 4: Cut into circles, triangles or something similar.


Step 5: Peel off the other backing and layer on book cover.

Miss 13 enjoyed covering her own art journal.


Technique Two:

I decided to do something a little different, using X-Press It Visual Diary. 


Step 1: Cover the whole front cover with an X-Press It Adhesive Sheet, Peel off the backing sheet and cover with Your Magic Touch Gold Leaf.


Step 2: Find a picture in an old children's book


Step 3: Cut around the picture and add to an X-Press It Adhesive Sheet.


Step 4: Remove the backing sheet to the X-Press It Adhesive Sheet and adhesive it to the X-Press It Visual Diary cover. 


Step 5: Add colour to the picture by painting it with some paint.

What a wonderful way to personalise your book covers.

The kids will enjoy decorating them too!

Poster By Sharmaine