Decorate your pen holders!

Decorating made easy with X-Press It Deco Foil Kits!

Winter Wonderland Pine Cone Garland

Create your very own winter wonderland pine cone garland! Crafted using X-Press It Metal Leaf.

Pouring Medium with Glitter

Spread the SPARKLE! Create a beautiful Canvas using X-Press It Pouring Medium and Glitter! 

Woven paper heart basket

Give your Mum something sweet! Make this woven paper heart basket and fill it with something special.

Journaling with X-Press It!

Get journaling with the X-Press It Dotted Journal and huge range of Deco Tapes!

Creative Easter Art Display
DIY Pouring Medium Decor

Pour your heart out! With X-Press It Pouring Medium. 

Personalise Your Art Journal!

Get Ready for Art Class!

Make way for 2021!

Are you excited for the new year and needing some celebratory decorations? 

Personalised Recipe Book

 Get creative and add some festive flare to your Christmas recipes.