Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

How can I find what I am looking for? show

From the home page you can select one of the major market segments to get started. This will then bring up a list of catagories you can select from. Alternatively you can use the left hand navigation menu. This is collapsable so you can easily find the catagory or sub catagory you need. You can also search for any item by typing the item code or part of the name in the search box which located at the top right of the page.

Are all the products listed on the web site available in stock? show

We try our best to keep our online catalogue up to date with stock availability as accurately as possible and mark those items that are out of stock accordingly. Should an item you select be temporarily out of stock, we will refund or credit you as soon as we are aware of the issue and before your order is dispatched.

2. Orders

How can I check the freight cost for my order? show

If you wish to check the freight cost of your order while you are adding products into your shopping cart complete the details in the Freight estimate at the bottom left of the shopping cart. Alternatively when you checkout, the freight will automaticall by calculated based on the delivery address selected.

Can my order be cancelled or modified? show

Once the order is processed and paid for the order can not be canclled.

If there is a problem with my order, what can I do? show

If you have a problem with your order such as receiving the wrong product, damage in transit etc, please contact us within 10 days of invoice date.

If my order is short delivered or appears damaged what should I do? show

You must either NOT sign for the goods or sign only for the number of cartons received and received damaged. Otherwise you are signing that the goods were received in good order and in full. This leaves very little we can do to recover the missing or damaged goods from the freight company.

3. X-Press It

Why can't I see prices show

The X-Press It range is only available within Australia and thefore prices and ordering is only possible from To change to the Australian site use the dropdown menu at the top of the home page.