Getting to know our team of X-Press It Creators

 Introducing - Faye Ostryzniuk

  • I’m 32 and a mum of 3: 5yo/3yo/2yo.
  • I have always been a stationery addict, my mum complained that as a child I cost her more money in pencils and paper than anything else. I love being creative whether cooking, crafting, painting/drawing, journaling/scrapbooking - especially with my kids.
  • My favourite colour is purple.
  • My long term goal is to one day write a book.
  • My goal for 2018 is to create a studio and hold craft/paint nights. There has been a lot of local interest (and my friends keep pushing) to art lessons for kids as well.

Introducing - Kasia Leach

  • I need to create something everyday, whether it be physical or digital. I just love everything from paper to mixed media to fine art.
  • I love, love, love playing with different mediums and especially paint & watercolours.
  • Apparently I have a full-set syndrome and need the full set of colours in all the mediums I have.
  • I design for Uniquely Creative and it's a dream come true to see my digital designs and doodles become physical products for people to use in their art.
  • It makes my heart sing to be able to inspire others.



Introducing - Kate Palmer

  • My hubby says I have OPOD - Obsessive Planning and Organising Disorder - he might be right!
  • I have 2 Birman cats who supervise all my creations and make sure there is a little cat fur in everything I make.
  • I adore making swatches and organising my art and craft supplies - I find it relaxing.
  • I'm terrified of hairy spiders and heights!
  • I love to use fountain pens even though my handwriting needs a whole lot of practice.

Introducing - Kathy Jones

  • I was not particularly good at art in school.
  • I started crafting/making cards to save money on buying expensive cards....not sure if my craftroom justifies that reason!
  • I grew up in a small coal mining town in Central Queensland - population 3000.
  • My day job has me working at a Patisserie, making coffee and selling edible art!
  • My favourite thing to make is CARDS!  I am very much a cardmaker, I can create to my hearts content and then give them away. No taking up space in my already crowded house!


Introducing - Edna Edie

  • Creative Beginnings: Started with a stamp when I was about 4 years old, and I am still a stamper!
  • Life Lesson: Failed crochet is best put to use in paintings, covered in layers of arty loveliness!
  • Colour Lesson: Black will always be your saviour!
  • Sanity Lesson: Find a job that has an art store on one corner and a book store on the other!
  • Success Lesson: In a creative life it's the details that count and the stories that go along with them!


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