Stationary Jar Holder!


Happy New Year to all our lovely crafty readers! What better way to start the New Year then to get organised! I'm going to show you a fun and easy way to make a Stationary Jar Holder using X-Press It products. 





Step 1:

Pour a small amount of Chroma paint into your jar and swirl around till the inside area is covered. I added a little bit of medium into mine to help it flow around the jar with ease. 



Step 2

To make the glitter triangles you will need to use X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheet. It is totally up to you what size you make your triangles, I made mine 2cm x 2cm x 2cm. The quantity of your triangles will vary depending on the size of your jar. I would classify my jar size as medium and I used 20 triangles. 


Step 3

Pour your X-Press It Micro Fine Glitter onto a plate (bowl), you will only need a small amount of each colour as it will go a long way. There are 10 amazing various colours in the X-Press It Micro Glitter range, I decided to go with the Gold and Teal colour combination. 



Step 4

Peel one of the paper sides off your triangle to reveal one side of the sticky adhesive, do this for all your triangles. 

Gently rub the triangles in the glitter then shake residue off. 


Step 5

Peel off remaining paper on the other side. Stick triangles down on the bottom half of the jar in a continuous pattern. 


Step 6

Use X-Press It Deco tape to add some fun shape designs and extra sparkle to your stationary holder. 

The X-Press It Deco Tape is super easy to use, leaves no glitter on your fingers and you don't even need to use scissors, simply tear!  


In love with the end result? Add this super fun Stationary Jar Holder to your desk and get you motivated for the busy 2106!

Posted by Alecia Polizzi

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